This blog is an experiment in mind control…and this picture is proof I was born with RBF so don’t take it personally.

When I was about 2 I saw a dolphin in the lake and no one believed me, but I will forever remain on the quest to find the truth, so that’s why I went to journalism school.

When I was in second grade I made all of these elaborate stories (and back stories) that thoroughly convinced my best friend there was some type of alien race/monsters living under a tarp just beyond the fence of our playground, mostly just because I was bored and wan’t being challenged enough in school, so I probably should have realized then that fiction was more my strong suit.

When I was nine I wrote a 10 page burn book, but it was literally just about this one kid that was annoying me at the time, so my resume says I’m dedicated and passionate.

If you’re interested in conspiracy theories, college high jinks, movie reviews and rants, then keep reading.